450mm Standard Quadcopter w/KK2 Flight Controller

(For Standard Drone Kits purchased AFTER March 2019)

* VERSION 2.0: 450mm_Quadcopter_Build_Manual_KK2.1.X_FC_v2.0 (.pdf)

* V2.0: KK2.1.X Flight Controller Manual (.pdf)

(For Standard Drone Kits purchased BEFORE March 2019)

* VERSION 1.2: 450mm_Quadcopter_Build_Manual_KK2.1.X_FC_v1.2 (.pdf)

* V1.2: KK2.1.X Flight Controller Manual (.pdf)

* Hints on Flying a Standard Drone Kit (.pdf)

* KK2.1.X_Helpful_YouTube_Videos (.pdf)

* KK2.1.X_PI_Settings (.pdf)

* KK2.1.X_Self-Level_Adjustments (.pdf)

450mm GPS Quadcopter w/NAZA-M V2 Flight Controller

* 450mm_Quadcopter_Build_Manual_NAZA-M_V2_FC (.pdf) (Updated 3/22/2020)

* Enabling_USB_driver_in_Win10 (.pdf)

* NAZA-M_Quick_Start_Guide_v1.26_en (.pdf from DJI)

* NAZA-M V2 Support Site at DJI

* DJI NAZA Basic and Attitude Gain Settings for Pitch and Roll Using Turnigy 9X Control Knobs (YouTube)

450mm Quad Gimbal and Camera Installation

* 450mm Quad Gimbal and Camera Installation Manual (.pdf)

* Walkera G-2D Gimbal Manual (.pdf)

* Walkera iLook+ Camera User Manual (.pdf)

450mm Quad FPV Installation

* 450mm Quad FPV Installation Manual (.pdf)

* Marvel Vision II FPV Goggles Manual .(pdf) [DISCONTINUED]

* FXT Viper V.2 Goggles Specifications .(pdf)

Miscellaneous Links

* SKYRC e430 LiPo Charger Instruction Manual (.pdf)

There is extremely high interest and curiosity in drone technology among students and teachers, but organized information on the topic is difficult to find. Although the Internet is abundant in links and videos on the subject, it is quite a chore to find exactly what you want without doing numerous searches and perusing many articles and videos. was created to provide accessible high-quality, meaningful curricula rooted in STEM principles and concepts.

We are not a “Drone Academy.” What we offer are multiple “stand-alone” curriculum options for teachers wanting to incorporate some type of drone curriculum into their programs. We have solutions for multiple grade levels — from elementary to middle schools to high schools to college-level needs. We also offer four areas of focus: theory and design, flight skills (by using indoor toy drones), programming the Tello drone, and preparing students to be successful at passing the FAA’s Remote Pilot Certification Exam by teaching the pertinent general knowledge.